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Proprietary Software for Monitoring, Controlling, and Recording Phytotron Environmental Conditions

undefinedProprietary network-based control software is used to establish, monitor, control, and record the environmental conditions in a number of phytotrons using a single host computer. The elements of this environmental control system include the software, a host computer, ethernet switch box, and control modules located in the phytotron.

The software provides the following elements:

  1. Display of all the critical information about the current conditions of the phytotrons including:
    • readings of temperature
    • humidity
    • lights
    • status of each electrical component, whether on or off. 
  2. The phytotron set-points setup field allows the operator to specify the desired phytotron conditions including the following:
    • a. Temperature set-points
    • b. Humidity set-points
    • c. Light scheme set-points, including the 24-hour period during which the lights would be turned on or off
    • d. Nutrient solution spray scheme, including how often and for how long during the light period and during the dark period
  3. The phytotron operation condition setup enables the operator to define the phytotron operating settings.
  4. Chamber operation conditions are recorded at minute intervals specified by the operator.  These data files are available for review in real-time.  The data files are recorded as Microsoft Excel compatible which allows for ease of transferring the files to a more permanent format for review and manipulation as may be desired by the operator.