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undefinedControlled Growing Environments

Phytotrons are chambers that provide controlled environmental conditions for growing plants. Phytotrons have been extensively used for research on how various environmental factors affect plant growth and development. However, the CETS phytotrons are designed specifically for the commercial production of potato minitubers, AstroTubers™ (potato minitubers) rather than for research purposes.

Globally Climate and Season independantOur AstroTuber production process is
climate and season independant

A distinct characteristic of well designed phytotrons is that the internal environmental conditions specified by the operator are totally independent of the external environmental conditions.  For example, a temperature defined for conditions internal to the phytotron would be maintained independently from the external environmental conditions in any geographic region and any seasonal condition of the geographic region. 

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undefinedCETS Phytotron Features and Benefits

  • THOUSANDS of AstroTubers from a single tissue culture plantlet. Eliminates the need for thousands of expensive tissue culture plantlets
  • Yields superior Disease Free Astrotubers
  • Use of stem cuttings for AstroTuber production at significantly reduced costs
  • Lower production costs. Uses Less Water, Energy, Space and Time to increase profitability
  • AstroTubers can be planted directly in the field after a storage period to overcome dormancy
  • Rapid & reliable ramp-up of supplies of disease free seed of new or existing potato varieties

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