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More Efficient in Every Way

undefinedThe following unique features of the CETS AstroTuber™ (potato minitubers) production technology result in a very efficient system:

  1. A CETS phytotron allows for AstroTuber production during the entire year, thereby increasing the number of AstroTubers that are produced in a year as compared to greenhouse systems that are subject to hot and cold temperatures which have a negative impact on yields of minitubers. Another significant environmental factor that has an obvious impact on the rate of plant productivity is the daily and seasonal variable light (sun) levels in a greenhouse compared to the constant high light level in a CETS phytotron.
  2. The environment of the CETS phytotron significantly reduces the potential for foliar disease development during production of the AstroTubers compared to the environment of a greenhouse. Thus, use of the CETS phytoron eliminates the use of chemicals for the control of foliar diseases normally required in a greenhouse minituber production system.
  3. Use of stem cuttings from tissue culture plantlets for production of the AstroTubers results in significant cost savings compared to systems that use tissue culture plantlets for production of minitubers.undefined
  4. Use of the CETS proprietary nutrient solution not only optimizes the production of AstroTubers, but significantly reduces the cost of the chemicals used in the nutrient solution compared to the cost of commercially available fertilizers that may or may not support optimum growth, development, and tuberization.
  5. An LED plant lighting system is more efficient than any other lighting systems that are being used for growing plants. The LED lighting system installed in the CETS phytotrons results from extensive design discussions with organizations that fabricate LED lighting systems. These LED lighting units are expressly designed for growing potato plants during all stages of development from planting to maturity, including tuber initiation and development. The LED lighting units are the most efficient converters of electricity to photons of any lighting system, plus having a longer life than any other light system. Use of LED lighting units results in significant reduction of electrical costs with increased AstroTubers yields.