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Superior technology for seed potato production

undefinedCETS offers the controlled environment hardware & technology for rapid production of AstroTubers™ (potato minitubers) anywhere in the world. Through extensive research and development, CETS has developed a superior method for producing disease-free potato minitubers.

undefinedOur process is unlike any other production process, no need for expensive plantlets or costly greenhouse productions. Our system provides the ability to produce potato minitubers during any season anywhere in the world.

The CETS Phytotron utilizes less water, less energy and less space. Our technology is more efficient in every way. Expect rapid disease-free seed potato minituber yields in a quicker timeframe. Yields of up to 15000 minitubers in a 64 sq ft Phytotron during year 1 have been recorded. See our minituber production results.


AstroTubers, our version of potato minitubers

undefinedAstroTubers are tubers produced by one or two node stem cuttings derived from established tissue culture plantlets. Stem cuttings are made from the tissue culture plantlets after a growth period of 3 to 4 weeks in a phytotron.

Learn about the minituber planting and production process

undefinedDisease-Free Potato Production

Potato plants grown in the natural environment are susceptible to a wide array of pathogenic organisms that can have serious negative impacts on the yield and quality of the harvested tubers.  Several strategies, alone or in combination, are used in the production of potatoes to either avoid specific pathogenic organisms or to control such organisms as they appear in the field environment.

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