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System Service & Support

undefinedA purchase of the CETS phytotrons incudes not only the phytotrons but also consultation and operational support to assure that the client can effectively use the purchased hardware and technology to increase profits from their seed production operations. The consultation and operational support includes but is not limited to:

  • Assistance in the installation of the phytotrons in a facility specified by the customer.
  • A manual with detailed engineering instructions on the operation of the phytotrons.
  • A manual with detailed instructions for production of AstroTubers™ (potato minitubers) in the phytotrons including composition of the growing media and nutrient solutions and a schedule of environmental conditions for growth of the plant material from planting to harvest.
  • Assistance in obtaining supplies of the growing media and chemicals used in the nutrient solutions, either by selling these materials to the client or from other sources.
  • Counsel in the management practices and procedures for multiplying the AstroTubers in the field to assure production of high quality seed potatoes.
  • Additional assistance and counsel as may be requested by the client.