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AstroTuber™ (Potato Minituber) Production Results

Actual CETS AstroTuber seed potato production results as documented by a CETS customer.

undefinedYear 1 (G-0)

AstroTubers produced in CETS phytotrons.


undefinedYear 2 (FG-1)

30 Tissue plants (i.e. “mother” plant starting material) per year yields
+ 15000 AstroTubers sizes ½” to 1+” produced in phytotrons (64 sqft total).


Year 3 (FG-2)

Field plant one acre with 3 foot row spacing (68 rows per acre) and in-row spacing of 12” (206 plants in each row), requires planting 14000 AstroTubers (68 x 206) and yields a harvest of 350+cwt