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Disease Free Potato Production


CETS obtains disease free tissue culture
plantlets to serve as mother plants

Potato plants grown in the natural environment are susceptible to a wide array of pathogenic organisms that can have serious negative impacts on the yield and quality of the harvested tubers. Several strategies, alone or in combination, are used in the production of potatoes to either avoid specific pathogenic organisms or to control such organisms as they appear in the field environment.

Planting disease-free tubers is a critically important strategy and cannot be overemphasized. Planting disease-free tubers means that any pathogenic organisms must be introduced into the planted field versus already being present in the planted field by virtue of planting diseased tubers. The use of AstroTubers™ (potato minituber) for field plantings assures the grower that application of conventional cultural practices to such field plantings will result in a profitable yield of quality marketable potatoes.