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The Tools to Grow: Reduce Seed Production Cost with phytotrons and AstroTubers™
by Tamas Houlihan, Managing Editor - January 2014 The Badger Common’Tater

Evgeniy Latkin, a potato grower in the Nizniy Novgorod region of Russia has seen great success with his use of phytotrons and AstroTubers. “Our potato yields were 400 cwt. per acre this year,” said Latkin. “We have been very pleased with both the yield and quality of our potatoes produced in this manner. The phytotrons and AstroTubers have definitely paid off for us.I suggested to my good friend, also a potato grower, to buy CETS technology,” Latkin stated.

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CETS, LLC: A Whole New Field - A mini-interview with minituber guru, Dr. Ray Bula
by Tamas Houlihan, Managing Editor - November 2013

As Wisconsin celebrates 100 years of seed potato certification, we've taken a long look back at the history of seed potato production in the Badger State. But in honor of the progressive nature of the potato growers in the state with the oldest certification program in the country, we also want to take a look ahead to see what the future may have in store for seed potato producers.

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The Badger Common'Tater - CETS Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Produce Early Generation, Clean Seed Potatoes
by Tamas Houlihan, Managing Editor - November 2012

Ask any potato grower what the most important aspect of his operation is, and the answer you'll get is: "It all starts with the seed."

High quality, disease-free seed potatoes are critically important component of all viable potato operations. Worldwide, a major emphasis is currently being placed on seed production systems that limit or reduce the number of field multiplications or generations originally derived from disease-free tissue culture platelets. Numerous field tests and replicated research studies have confirmed the value of limiting the number of field multiplications.

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Hi-Tech Tubers
By Terri Queck-Matzie, Potato Grower Magazine 2007

Good things come in small packages, and the future of the potato industry may rest in a tiny, little, minituber.

Minitubers range in size from one-quarter inch to more than one in diameter and can be grown in a small space. They also can be grown quickly under environmental controlled circumstances. and that is exactly what is happening in a simple garage in central Wisconsin.

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